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The Secret Recipe Lyrics by Lil Yachty | Lil Yachty – The Secret Recipe Lyrics

“The Secret Recipe” is the first song that Lil Yachty and J. Cole worked on together. It is a chill, freestyled track that moves easily between the two.

The Secret Recipe Lyrics by Lil Yachty

In “The Secret Recipe,” the two rappers show off their lyrical skills and egotistically demand acknowledgment in the music world. This is because both of them have done a lot to shape the rap genre in the 2010s.

Yachty keeps a casual rhythm, similar to the one on his cult hit “Coffin,” to assert his own identity. But J. Cole chooses to expose frauds in the music business to give himself more credit for his own rise to fame.

The track’s music video is shot in a single take between two different scenes, which changes when J. Cole’s part comes on. This adds to the track’s laid-back vibe.

The Secret Recipe Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

The Secret Recipe Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

The Secret Recipe Lyrics

Lyrics Started

[Intro: Lil Yachty]

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Allegedly, they figured out that I’m the secret recipe
The baddest hoes gon’ test the E, then blame the high for wantin’ sex
I never wanted peace, fuck all the opps, I support Malcolm X
The stack of chains is just a front
Overtaxed and underwhelming, your jeweler pulled a major stunt
I don’t smoke weed, already blunt, all of my cars, I had to hunt
My doggy young as hell but still’ll step, we call him baby runt
Like window shoppers, I see through every front
I speak on what I need, I foresee everything I want
I block out anything I hate, and still the [?] too unpaid
The notice went unseen, the tenants too relaxed
The standards have collapsed, they wrote me in with lames
They treat me like I’m them, they hate, I overcome
Refuse to pat my back, refuse to shake my hand
Refuse to give me props when I am not around
Refuse to act like I ain’t shift the sound, like I ain’t push the culture
Like several vultures, they come after me
Like several vultures, they come after me, still, I keep it P
Yeah, we still digress, and I’m playin’ checkers, I ain’t playin’ chess
‘Cause I don’t go ’round on niggas, we go over niggas
I’ll show you niggas, I’m personally nothin’ like ya and I ain’t never liked ya
I’m rich as hell, I’d never fight you, I’ll have somebody snipe you
My doggy lucky on the edge, holdin’ on by a thread
Just like a kite, it wouldn’t cost a price
And even if it did it always be right, just like I’m Bob Barker
When I speak, pay attention, go over my words like highlight markers
The only celebrity crush is Nikki Parker
They said I got a type, said all my hoes, they look the same, they said they look too light
Peep my cup, betcha couldn’t tell that it was Sprite
I give a fuck about her face, she walkin’ with a back-ski, I’ma strike

[Break: Lil Yachty & J. Cole]
For real (Yeah)
I’ma strike (It’s us)
I’ma strike, uh

[Verse 2: J. Cole]
Cole and Yachty, comin’ for they respect, come and pay your debt
Just like a travel pillow, we at your neck for the way you slept
This nuance but I see hella influence in the way you dress
The way you sound, the way you try to move
You try to stay abreast on all the latest flows and the latest tones from Generation X
Y’all chasing relevance, it’s evidenced by the way you step
As for me, I cook so masterfully, ain’t gotta pay a chef
I’m older now, but still, I’m cuttin’ edge, I’m like a bayonet
From out the ‘Ville, we ocean certified
You gotta wear your vest, too many homicides
A lotta slidin’, they good at makin’ decks
Thanks to God, I made it out the city, most would say I’m blessed
My greatest flex is that I made a milli’, feel like I’m Bangladesh
I hate the press, refusin’ interviews whenever they request
Niggas fake-progressive and woke, I started sayin’ less
I had to stop it, peeped how they profit off of racial stress
Some activists got so rich, they prolly wish we stay oppressed
Studio steppers movin’ extra on songs, fakin’ rep
Only breakin’ bad in the lab, thought y’all was makin’ meth
Niggas makin’ threats and I laugh, that’s ’cause you ain’t a threat
Don’t ask how I feel ’bout no rappers, shit, they okay, I guess
Incomin’ call, press the button, the one that say accept
He FaceTime to ask for a feature and saw the face of death
I’m on your song, your streams goin’ up, not quite the Drake effect
But don’t complain, bitch, take what you get and cut the label check
My table set, I dine on your favorite, one verse’ll take his breath
I prolly put more niggas on pause than Cam and Mason Beth
My agent get a whole lotta calls, it’s like he paid the ref
These bitches out here lookin’ like Steph on the late contest
Wide open, shootin’ they shot, don’t even waste your breath
I been stop fuckin’ you thots, ain’t got no patience left
Save that shit for one of them niggas that rock the fake Pateks
My paper stretched just like a Laker before he break a sweat
Signed, the greatest yet

Lyrics Ended

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Authors Opinion on The Secret Recipe Lyrics

Lil Yachty and J. Cole’s collaboration in “The Secret Recipe” offers a multifaceted exploration of contemporary hip-hop. The song delves into themes of authenticity, influence, and self-expression, showcasing both artists’ unique styles and lyrical prowess. As we dissect the lyrics and themes of this track, we’ll uncover the layers of meaning and creativity it holds.

The introductory lines, delivered by Lil Yachty with a simple “Yeah,” serve as a prelude to the lyrical journey that follows. These lines set the stage for what promises to be a thought-provoking and engaging track.

In the first verse, Lil Yachty confronts various aspects of his identity and perception in the music industry. He starts by addressing the notion that he’s considered a “secret recipe” in the industry. This metaphor suggests that he possesses a unique and valuable quality that sets him apart from other artists. However, he immediately juxtaposes this notion with the challenges he faces, particularly when it comes to how others perceive him.

The verse touches on themes of substance use and promiscuity, highlighting how such behaviors are often judged or blamed on artists like Lil Yachty. He mentions “blame the high for wantin’ sex,” which can be interpreted as society blaming artists for promoting a certain lifestyle or behavior.

Lil Yachty’s lyrical choices in this verse are noteworthy. He references historical figures like Malcolm X, aligning himself with a sense of purpose and social consciousness. This juxtaposition between partying and activism showcases the complexity of his persona.

The mention of a “stack of chains” being a front alludes to the materialism often associated with hip-hop culture. It suggests that the flashy jewelry is merely a façade, hiding deeper complexities and struggles.

The line “overtaxed and underwhelming” cleverly combines economic and emotional themes. It can be seen as a commentary on the pressure and scrutiny faced by artists like Lil Yachty. The mention of his jeweler pulling a “major stunt” hints at the extravagance of hip-hop culture and the pressure to maintain a certain image.

The verse also touches on Lil Yachty’s sobriety, stating, “I don’t smoke weed, already blunt.” This line is a play on words, as “blunt” can refer to both a type of marijuana and a straightforward attitude. It underscores his desire to be authentic and unapologetic about his choices.

The mention of his cars being hunted suggests that his success has made him a target for envy and criticism. The reference to “baby runt” adds a touch of humor and humanity, showing that even in the midst of fame, Lil Yachty remains grounded.

Lil Yachty takes aim at those who criticize him, suggesting that they are mere “window shoppers” who don’t truly understand him. He emphasizes his ability to discern what he needs and wants and is unafraid to speak his mind.

The chorus, which Lil Yachty and J. Cole deliver together, underscores the desire for respect and recognition. The repetition of “I’ma strike” symbolizes their determination to make an impact and demand the acknowledgment they believe they deserve.

The second verse, delivered by J. Cole, adds a different perspective to the song. Cole begins by asserting his presence and his role as an influencer in the hip-hop industry. He acknowledges the influence of younger artists like Lil Yachty and their impact on the genre’s evolution.

Cole touches on themes of authenticity and cultural appropriation, suggesting that some artists are imitating styles and personas without fully understanding the culture they are borrowing from. He calls out those who try to emulate the latest trends without genuine respect for the art form.

The metaphor of “I cook so masterfully” highlights J. Cole’s confidence in his lyrical abilities. He suggests that he doesn’t need to pay someone else to write his verses, emphasizing his authenticity and skill.

J. Cole’s verse reflects his growth as an artist and his willingness to address controversial topics. He mentions that he’s “older now,” suggesting a sense of maturity and self-awareness. This growth is juxtaposed with his ability to remain at the forefront of the genre, symbolized by “cuttin’ edge” and “bayonet.”

The verse also touches on the challenges and violence faced by those who come from certain neighborhoods. He mentions homicides and the need to wear a bulletproof vest, highlighting the harsh realities of inner-city life.

J. Cole shares his perspective on activism, suggesting that some individuals have profited from the racial tensions they claim to combat. This critique reflects his commitment to genuine social change and his skepticism of those who exploit such issues for personal gain.

The verse also addresses the idea of “fake-progressive” individuals who may not fully understand the complexities of social issues. Cole emphasizes his focus on action and substance over empty gestures.

The lines “Niggas makin’ threats and I laugh, that’s ’cause you ain’t a threat” convey a sense of confidence and fearlessness. J. Cole doesn’t take threats lightly, but he also recognizes when they are merely attempts to intimidate.

J. Cole’s verse concludes by emphasizing his impact on the hip-hop industry and his status as one of its greatest artists. He asserts his influence and sets himself apart as a trailblazer in the genre.

The chorus repeats once again, emphasizing the determination of both artists to leave their mark and receive the respect they believe they’ve earned.

In conclusion, “The Secret Recipe” by Lil Yachty and J. Cole is a lyrically rich and thematically dense track that delves into issues of authenticity, influence, and self-expression in the world of hip-hop. Both artists bring their unique perspectives and lyrical skills to the forefront, creating a song that invites listeners to think critically about the industry and its complexities. The track showcases Lil Yachty’s ability to blend humor and depth, while J. Cole’s verse adds a layer of introspection and social commentary. Together, they deliver a powerful message about the importance of staying true to oneself in a genre that often demands conformity.

The Secret Recipe Lyrics Credits

  • Album – LY6* (2024)
  • Featuring – J. Cole
  • Produced By – Rawbone, 98K & Lil Yachty
  • Written By – Lil Yachty & J. Cole
  • Video Title Designer – Mihailo Andic
  • Video Editor – AMD Visuals
  • Video Gaffer – Gideon Ayesu
  • Video Assistant Camera – Sylvester Silver III
  • Video Production Company – AMD Visuals
  • Video Director – Lil Yachty & AMD Visuals
  • Release Date – September 28, 2023

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