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21 Most Powerful Marvel Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Many well-known characters with superhuman abilities may be found in the Marvel Comics universe. While that may be the case for the majority of characters, there are certain creatures and forces that are far more powerful than the most well-known Marvel characters. And the reason for it is because the Marvel Comics universe contains supernatural beings who defy comprehension.
Even though we’ve seen godlike creatures in Marvel movies who have the capacity to wipe out entire planets, there are certain creatures that are far more potent and have the ability to alter entire realities and universes. With that being stated, let’s look at the most potent Marvel characters over the course of this illustrious comic book series.

1. The One Above All

The One Above All is the supreme deity of the Marvel Multiverse and the most powerful Marvel character. He is responsible for creating this multiverse and establishing the Living Tribunal as the governing entity of the multiverse. In that respect, the Supreme Being is like a real-world counterpart to the almighty Christian God, as he can do and create anything he wishes.
While some people think they are different characters, the over all and the under all are two sides of the same coin. The lower one is only a “destructive” and “evil” expression of the existence of the higher one, because it is responsible for destroying the things that the upper one has created. The One Above All has hardly had a role in the comics and is still a very mysterious entity, choosing to remain hidden rather than intervene in the problems of the characters of the Marvel Multiverse.

2. The Beyonder

The Beyonder is an entity that exists beyond the Marvel Multiverse, meaning that it is not part of the Marvel Multiverse. He exists in an entirely different universe but ended up in the Marvel Multiverse due to the “accident” that created Molecule Man. So, when he arrived in the Marvel multiverse, he started messing things up and started the Secret Wars story.

As one of the most powerful beings ever to walk the Marvel Multiverse, the Beyonder is exceedingly powerful and more omnipotent than the Living Tribunal, which needed to be replaced by a new Living Tribunal after the Beyonder was killed. This means that the Beyonder has powers that transcend that existence which was believed to be second only to the Supreme Being. And like any omnipotent being, the Beyonder can do anything.

3. The Living Tribunal

While each Marvel universe has a version of the Cosmic Pantheon, only one Living Tribunal exists in the Marvel multiverse. This entity was created to be the only being above the Cosmic Pantheon in terms of its powers and abilities, as the Living Tribunal is as divine and omnipotent as any creature can be. And its purpose was to maintain the structure and balance of the Marvel Multiverse and to enforce its judgment whenever things got out of line in the Multiverse.

Being truly omnipotent, the Living Tribunal has unlimited powers that allow it to create and destroy realities at will. In terms of his power, he was considered second only to the Almighty. However true this may be in regards to the Marvel Multiverse, there is another character who is more powerful than the Living Tribunal.

4. Cosmic Pantheon

The Cosmic Pantheon is a set of cosmic entities essential to the existence of the universe and represents some of the most important aspects of the universe. These are death, oblivion, eternity and infinity. All members of the Cosmic Pantheon are said to be equally strong as each other, although Eternity is often considered stronger than the others.

Members of the Cosmic Pantheon are the strongest characters in their respective universes, without counting the multidimensional beings in Marvel Comics. Each Marvel universe has a cosmic pantheon that is essential to the existence of the universe. Of course, all of these characters are nearly omnipotent and rank below the three strongest characters on this list.

5. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm and was arguably the most powerful mutant in Marvel Comics. The circumstances that gave him his powers were unique, as the radiation that gave his parents their powers was also responsible for altering his biology and giving him an artificial X-gene that gave him an incredible ability. transformed into a powerful mutant. He was an Omega level mutant at a very young age.

Due to his mutant powers, Franklin became a god-like being who could distort reality and control various aspects of the universe at will. He also has psionic powers that surpass the psionic powers of some of Marvel Comics’ greatest psychics. The fact that he can increase or decrease his age is also quite impressive. With all of his powers, he is often considered as strong as some of the strongest cosmic beings in the Marvel universe. However, it’s important to note that Franklin Richards is currently completely powerless in the comics and has also lost her status as a copycat mutant. He wrecked himself in the fight against Cormorant, and his powers have yet to return.

6. Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is the same entity that empowered Jean Grey’s Phoenix form and allowed her to become one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel universe.

Of course, there’s also the fact that the Phoenix Force is the source of Jean’s power, which is why we neglected to include Phoenix/Dark Phoenix on this list.
As one of the oldest cosmic entities in the universe, the Phoenix Force is at the pinnacle of its power, as it is a being that represents the powers of creation and destruction and is said to be the entity that All living things are created across all realities in the greater Marvel Multiverse.

This explains why the Phoenix Force is an entity that is exceedingly powerful and feared throughout the galaxy. Thus, the Phoenix Force-empowered Jean Gray became one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics history as she was godlike in this state.

7. Molecule Man

Molecule Man is one of the truly formidable characters on this list, as he has powers capable of rivaling the Beyonder. Although he has suffered backlash several times over the years, he is still an incredibly powerful character who arose as a result of a freak accident that allowed him to gain powers that give him near-supreme control over molecules and matter. Does However, this “accident” was a design of the Beyonder, as Molecule Man’s powers come from him.

The fact that Molecule Man’s powers come from beyond makes him incredibly powerful, as he can manipulate all types of matter in the universe. This means that he can change the molecular structure of anything and anyone. This allows him to do almost anything he wants, as he can destroy entire planets, travel through time and space, and change the basic nature of the universe if he so wishes.

8. Knull

Knoll is one of the newer characters on this list, as she made her debut in 2013. Still, that doesn’t take away the fact that he is far more powerful than some of the strongest beings Marvel Comics has introduced. He is an entity that existed before the universe, as he is a primordial being with almost limitless powers. And he became stronger only when he decapitated a divine with one stroke of his sword and used the divine’s head as a power source.
As King of the Symbiotes, Knoll has supreme control over all the Symbiotes in the Marvel universe and is able to create them at will. He has an entire army of Symbiotes which he used during the King in Black storyline to dominate Earth’s heroes. And he was so powerful that he tore the sentry in half and overpowered the Odinforce-empowered Thor.

9. Cyttorak

Cytorak is another unit that may not be on par with the strongest characters on this list but is still quite capable of performing unimaginable feats.

He is a powerful being who is often called the Destroyer and the Lord of Oblivion because of his powers. And he is also often referred to as one of Marvel’s most powerful magical beings, surpassing even Dormammu’s magical abilities.

Thus, Cytorak is a source of magical power for some of the strongest wizards and sorcerers in the Marvel universe, including Doctor Strange, who often has to use Cytorak’s powers to perform amazing magical feats.

Juggernaut is an invincible force due to Cytork, as he has filled him with a portion of his power. So, if Strange and Juggernaut have only a fraction of his power, that means Cytork is exponentially more powerful.

10. Galactus

As one of the most famous characters in the entire Marvel Comics universe, Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel and has always been one of the enemies of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers due to his insatiable need to feed on life force. Various planets across the universe.
Galactus is a being who survived the destruction of the previous universe, meaning he is older than the current Marvel universe. His powers are linked to the Power Cosmic, one of the most powerful sources of cosmic power in the Marvel universe.

Thus, he is almost omnipotent, as he can do with the Power cosmic almost anything he wants to do. And when he is well fed, he is almost invulnerable, as he can even take over several celestial planets on his own. Due to Galactus’ confrontation with Black Winter, Galactus instead feeds on wisdom. As it turns out, Galactus himself is merely a precursor to another cosmic entity, just as the Silver Surfer was to him.

11.Heavenly Bodies

The First Firmament was responsible for the creation of enormous extraterrestrial beings known as the Celestials during the early stages of the history of the cosmos. As a result of this, it is possible to refer to them as the first entities produced when the cosmos was originally created. They are also far more powerful than the vast majority of the other species that inhabit the Marvel world.

The Celestials go from one planet to another in order to create, experiment with, and evaluate the many species they encounter. They are even more powerful than the Elder Gods of Earth, and their combined strength is much greater than that of the Asgardian and Eternal armies put together. And according to Loki, the reason why Earth is such a hotspot for superpowered beings is because a Celestial once came to Earth billions of years ago and had his body fluids infused with the globe when he passed away. This caused Earth to become a hotbed for superpowered individuals.

12. Royal Ruler

As Jamie Braddock, also known as Monarch, has the capacity to influence reality on a quantum scale, she shares this power with numerous other Omega-Level mutants. This implies that he is able to construct pocket realities and to branch his own history off into a number of different directions. In addition to this, he is able to conjure up new creatures and things with only a thought, replicate individuals and events, manipulate abilities, heal wounds, revive the dead, control minds, and create illusions.

He is unquestionably overpowering in comparison to other mutants and is on par with certain lower-tier cosmic entities in terms of his overall strength.

13. Mad Jim Jaspers

Since we are now discussing Omega-Level Mutants, it is astonishing to learn that some of these mutants are capable of outperforming even the most powerful cosmic creatures. Mad Jim Jaspers is an example of this kind of mutant; he is famous for his ability to manipulate reality. It is true that this does not distinguish him from others who are capable of doing the same both on this list and outside it; nonetheless, the method in which he does it is the reason he ranked so highly on this list.

Because Mad Jim Jaspers is capable of manipulating reality on such a large scale, one of his incarnations was able to corrupt an entire reality by the name of Earth-238, which led to the reality being completely cleansed. It has been cautioned that if Mad Jim Jaspers’ skills are allowed to continue developing uncontrolled, he may end up becoming a god of chaos.

14 . Sentry

An mishap that was supposed to develop the Canadian equivalent of Captain America resulted in the creation of Sentry. He was just an ordinary guy who had a problem with substance abuse and eventually ended himself ingesting the Golden Serum, which was an order of magnitude more potent than the serum that was used to give Captain America his superhuman abilities. As a result, Sentry rose to prominence as the most powerful hero on Earth and amassed an amount of power that has been compared to that of a million bursting suns.

Sentry is as powerful as the Hulk in his most powerful form and possesses molecular manipulation skills that are practically on par with Molecule Man’s own molecular control. He is often regarded a figure who essentially has no weaknesses and can only be beaten if he wants to be. In addition to that, he has the ability to control light and darkness. And as a result of his union with the Void, he evolved into one of the most powerful beings in the annals of Marvel’s history.

15. Proteus

Because of his incredible strength, Proteus is another Omega-level mutant that made it into this list. Similar to the Scarlet Witch, he has the ability to distort and alter reality to some extent. But that’s not all he can do; in fact, he’s one of the mutants on our list who has the most impressive array of abilities. Because he is a creature composed entirely of energy, he has an extraordinary amount of power.

He is able to go from one universe to another, which is one of the factors that contributes to his incredible strength. In addition to this, he has molecular manipulation that, although not on the same level as Sentry’s or Molecule Man’s, is nonetheless quite potent. Additionally, Proteus is one of the rare characters that has the ability to freely move between the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane. However, his vulnerability resides in the fact that he must periodically possess human hosts in order to sustain himself.

16. The In-Betweener

Because of his complicated nature as an entity that brings together seemingly contradictory ideas from throughout the cosmos, the In-Betweener is an extremely unstable and fickle creature. Because of this, he is capable of being both good and bad, intellectual and emotive, a deity and also a man. Yes, it does make a lot of sense, but the fact that he is a mixture of notions that are diametrically opposed to one another is what gives him his incredible strength. He has the ability to be both the most powerful being and the weakest being at the same time.

In this sense, the In-Betweener has enormous abilities that enable him to manipulate the fabric of reality on a scale that spans the cosmos. However, the fact that he is a blend of conflicting ideas also gives him significant limitations, since he is both powerful and vulnerable at the same time. This indicates that he is not omniscient and does not possess the same type of limitless abilities like a number of the other strong Marvel beings have.

17. The Stranger

On this list of Marvel characters, The Stranger is not the most well-known, yet he is among the most potent of the heroes and villains. This is due to the fact that, in his own words, he is a creature that combines the combined might and intelligence of billions of humanoid beings that dwell on a planet with a highly developed civilization. This is the reason why he is so powerful. In this aspect, he has the same amount of strength as all of those humanoid individuals merged into a single entity.

As a result of this, the Stranger is able to draw from many forms of cosmic energy to produce massive concussive blasts. Even his height can be changed, he can execute incredible telepathic feats, and he can move whole worlds from one dimension to another. Because his abilities are confined to the confines of his own reality, the only restriction placed on his ability is that he is unable to draw from the cosmic energy of other universes.

18. Uatu

Uatu is a member of the Watchers and is often considered to be the most well-liked of the group. There is a race of creatures known as the Watchers, and they possess abilities and knowledge that are almost unbounded. In addition to this, it is stated that they possess godlike abilities that are almost unrivalled in their scope of influence. In most accounts, Uatu is characterised as having power comparable to that of Galactus but also possessing a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

However, the fact that Uatu and the other Watchers are only watchers who enjoy to watch over the Marvel cosmos is the thing that has always held them back from achieving their full potential. They swore to themselves that they would never meddle with the many species that inhabited the cosmos. However, Uatu broke his pledge more than time when he helped the heroes of Earth by providing them the information they needed to battle certain monsters, such as Galactus. He did this by assisting the heroes of Earth by giving them the knowledge they needed to destroy certain enemies.

19. Dormammu

As the dimension that the powerful magical being known as Dormammu lords over, the Dark Dimension is home to some of the most powerful and terrifying beings in all of Marvel’s multiverse. These beings are ruled by Dormammu. Because he is capable of absorbing and destroying whole planets, he is the archenemy of the masters of the mystic arts and is the exact same entity that the Sorcerer Supreme and the other sorcerers on Earth fight to keep at bay. He is the arch-nemesis of the masters of the mystic arts.

Dormammu is an extra-dimensional monster who has immense magical abilities. Because of this, he is essentially omnipotent and possesses enough ability to interfere with Odin’s spells and compete on an equal level with the first Sorcerer Supreme. At one time, he demonstrated his abilities by defeating Eternity in a battle that was on equal footing. And it is well knowledge that Eternity is one of the most powerful forces operating in the Marvel Comics world.

20. Amatsu-Mikaboshi

In the world of Marvel Comics, Amatsu-Mikaboshi isn’t exactly the most famous character. In spite of this, the entity in question is a very powerful one, capable of holding its own against some of the most formidable figures in this fictitious world. The Japanese people believe that he is the deity of evil and disorder. He is a primordial entity that is held captive in the underworld of Shinto. One of the factors that contributes to his remarkable level of strength is the widespread belief that he is descended from Oblivion.

This immaterial being has abilities that are even greater than Odin’s, and an intellect that is on par with that of the Marvel Comics characters who are considered to be the most intelligent. On top of that, he has magical capabilities that are superior than anything that Zeus could conjure up for himself.

21. Skyfathers

In the world of Marvel Comics, there are several pantheons of gods, and the gods that control these pantheons are referred to as Skyfathers because of their elevated status relative to the other gods in their pantheon. Odin and Zeus are two of the most well-known Skyfathers. Both of them are very powerful and are likely the most powerful Skyfathers in the whole world.

Since we know that Odin was so powerful during his lifetime that he could easily beat Thor and was more than a match for someone like Galactus, we may conclude that Skyfathers are far more powerful than the gods that they govern. And despite the fact that Thor finally became a Skyfather himself, he has not yet reached the level that his father had reached when he passed away.

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