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Ring-a-Ling Lyrics – Tkay Maidza

Tkay Maidza is the author of Ring-a-Ling Lyrics. This track is from an album by Tkay Maidza and was produced by Tkay Maidza. Find the exact Ring-a-Ling song lyrics in English and sing along with the Music Video Song on YouTube.

Ring-a-Ling Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Ring-a-Ling Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Ring-a-Ling Lyrics

Opening Lines of Lyrics

Ring A Ling Ling Ling Ring A Ling..
Someone Say The Money Called Ring A Ling..
By Any Means I’m Getting More Ring A Ling..
Turn A Half Into A Whole Ring A Ring..

Ring A Ling Ling Ling Ring A Ling..
Someone Say The Money Called Ring A Ling..
Someone Said The Money Goes Ring A Ling..
Drop Down It’s Giving Lord Ring A Ling..

Me A Free I’m Never Choosing Compliance,
Many Dem Never Tap Their Conscience..
Talk A Lot But They All Moving A Nonsense..

Business Only On This Call If,
You Find Me On The Road.
Don’t Be Tryna Cut The Show,
Come Correct Or Don’t At All..

I’m The Gas And Fire And The Smoke,
It’s Impossible The Moves..
I’ve Been Climbing On Low,
No Can Trust No Man That’s Broke..

If You Don’t Know Ya Know,
Price Tag Going Up That Slope..
Long Money I Don’t Need The Receipt,
Get The Cash Out Ya Rinse And Repeat..

Me Don’t Waste No Time,
Point And Shoot Then Fly.
It’s New Day New Grind,
Can’t Nobody Playing My Line..

I’m 24/7 On Round The Clock,
Yeah Jenny Gotta Op Around The Block..
Demeanour Really Different Now They Talk,
So Now You Looking Petty Ain’t A Shock Stop..

So Tell Em Pile It Please Quick,
Every Dollar Gotta Be Deposited And Frequent..
Gotta Get It How I Want,
Gotta A Buyer Seeking..
Reaching For It Like I’m Seasoned..
If It’s A Negative Account..

Why You Speaking To Face Of A Brand,
A Gracing Abroad..
It’s Stated Never Late For Demand,
Brace For The Door Cause If A Show Stops..
Then It’s Shots Straight To The Boss,
I’m Pulling Out Breaks And Em Jaws..
Straight To The Floor..

Closing Lines of Lyrics

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Opinion on Ring-a-Ling Lyrics

These lyrics are an assertive and confident expression of the artist’s pursuit of wealth, success, and power. The repetition of “Ring A Ling” in the chorus generates a memorable refrain that reinforces the motif of wealth and plenty. Here’s my take on the song’s lyrics:

The initial lines emphasise the artist’s unrelenting pursuit of wealth, using inventive and engaging language to describe their quest for wealth. The iteration of “Ring A Ling” in the chorus functions as a mantra, symbolising a constant desire for financial success and expansion.

Additionally, the lyrics convey a sense of self-assurance and determination. The artist discusses being liberated and unrepentantly pursuing their goals without compromising their principles. They disparage those who engage in hollow discourse and lack genuine ambition with a no-nonsense attitude.

The phrases “business only” and “do not waste time” suggest that the artist is intent on concluding lucrative agreements and achieving tangible results. They present themselves as a formidable force, comparing themselves to “gas, fire, and smoke” and making it clear that they will not tolerate mediocrity or financial instability.

The artist emanates confidence throughout the lyrics and stresses the significance of financial success and independence. They describe themselves as seasoned and experienced in their pursuits, displaying a mindset of perpetually pursuing more and aiming for greater heights.

The lyrics also reflect on the concept of financial responsibility by mentioning the need to deposit and prudently manage money. They portray themselves as someone who can manage the rigours of success and will not allow anything or anyone to stop them from achieving their goals.

Overall, the lyrics of “Ring A Ling” express a confident and assertive attitude towards wealth and success. In their pursuit of prosperity and power, the artist portrays themselves as ambitious, resolute, and unyielding. The repetitious and memorable chorus reinforces the primary theme and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Ring-a-Ling Lyrics Credits

Song TitleRing-a-Ling
SingerTkay Maidza
MusicTkay Maidza
LyricsTkay Maidza
Released Date26th July, 2023
Songs GenreEnglish (Rock)
LabelTkay Maidza
Ring-a-Ling Lyrics Credits

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