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The lyrics to AQUABERRY ART were written by RiFF RAFF. This track appears on the album WORLDSTARHIPHOP and was produced by RiFF RAFF. Find the appropriate AQUABERRY ART song lyrics in English and sing along with the YouTube Music Video Song.

AQUABERRY ART Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

AQUABERRY ART Lyrics Video Song on Youtube


Opening Lines of Lyrics

It’s Pierce Brosnan, Cross You Up Like Allen Ivey (What?)
It’s Allen Iverson, Versace Rim With Lemon Tint (Ballin’)
The Lime Benz Candy Coated With The Applesauce (Sauce)
The Apple Gloss, I’m On A Beach, David Hasselhoff (What?)
Hassle Me, I’m Tim McGraw, I Don’t Pass The Ball (No)
Ball Hard, Fourth Quarter, Shoot The Lights Off (Jump)
Fast Break, Three-On-One, I’ll Tear The Basket Off (Get Off)
Aw Shit, Look Who It Is, The White Wesley Snipes
Rocky Byzantine, My Attitude Is Charlie Sheen
Walk Around With More Rice On Me Than A Triple Beam
The Mansion, Three-Stories, Livin’ Room With Trampoline
Mi Casa So Big It Took The Maids The Whole Week To Clean (Week)
I Don’t Like To Drive Versace Jeans In Limousine (Limousine)
I Could Freestyle To A Dolphin And A Tambourine
The Snow Abominable Laughin’ Inside My Golden Vault
The Candy Copper Helicopter When I’m Playin’ Golf (Fore)

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Yeah, I Got Bitches By The Catalogue Playin’ Leapfrog
Butt-Naked In The Livin’ Room, Look Like Reese Witherspoon (Real Fine Classic Bitch)
What’s Up? I’m Bumpin’ Dean Martin Christmas Tunes
Every Time I Open Up My Email See Another Million (I’m Rich)
That Bitch Wanna Suck My Dick Then She Better Floss
Clean Her Teeth For A Boss, Randy Moss
Diamonds On The Cross, Swear To God I’m A God Though
I Don’t Mean No Blasphemy, Jesus Eat At Applebee’s (Amen)
I’m With My Bitch In The Bed Watchin’ Game Of Thrones
Waitin’ ‘Til Khaleesi’s Dragon’s Big Enough To Take Control
Rich As Vince McMahon, Your Bitch Look Like Triple H
Keep That Pussy On Lock, Put It In A Safe (Woo)
All My Chains On, Flexin’ While I’m Shootin’ Vines (Vines)
Hoes Love Me, Watchin’ All Of Them Like A Million Times (Replay On That Ass)
I’m Throwin’ Money In Your Face, We Forever Paid
These Hoes Thirsty And I Look Like Pink Lemonade (Lemonade)
Taste Great (Taste Great), Grade A (Grade A)
Grab Your Bitch, Take A Vacay (In Bahamas)
Comin’ At These Haters, A-K (It’s The Llama)
Ah, Yeah, I Got Ya!

Closing Lines of Lyrics

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Opinion on AQUABERRY ART Lyrics

The lyrics contain a mixture of conceited and arrogant statements, highlighting a lavish lifestyle and material prosperity. The language is colloquial and contains references to celebrities, athletes, and popular culture. While the lyrics are intended to convey a sense of self-assurance and extravagance, they could also be interpreted as promoting materialism and the objectification of women.

The lyrics depict the speaker as exceedingly affluent and successful, with costly possessions including luxury automobiles, residences, and gemstones. They refer to having many women (“b*tches”) and engaging in sexual activities, which may be perceived as objectifying and demeaning. In addition, the use of profanity and carnal references may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Overall, these lyrics are likely to appeal to a subset of the population that appreciates music that focuses on ostentatious lifestyles and arrogant attitudes. In addition, they can be criticised for their excessive materialism, objectification of women, and explicit content. The opinions on these lyrics will vary based on individual preferences and values, as music is subjective.

AQUABERRY ART Lyrics Credits

SingerRiFF RAFF (feat. #2STONED & Dough Boy)
ArtistRiFF RAFF (feat. #2STONED & Dough Boy)
Songs GenreMorden Song, English Song
Released DateJul 25, 2023
AQUABERRY ART Lyrics Credits

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